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The cheer brought his mother to the window and when she saw her little boy setting out all alone in the cab, she called Diamond! Diamond! But Diamond did not hear her for the rattle of the cab and so he drove away. He was very much afraid no one would hire him because he was such a little driver. But before he got to his regular stand, he was hailed by a man who wanted to catch a train and was in too great a hurry to think about the driver. He got a good fare for that and reached the cab-stand the first one after all. As the other cabmen came, he told them about his father and said that he was going to drive the cab in his place.

Well, you are a plucky one!  Soft Army Green Classics Shoes they all said. And you shall have a fair chance with the rest.

And he did, for another gentleman came up very soon for him. When he saw the boy, he was much astonished. Are you the driver of this cab? he asked. Yes, sir, answered Diamond, showing his father’s badge of which he was proud.

You are the youngest cabman I ever saw! said the gentleman greatly amused. But I believe I’ll risk you!

He jumped in and soon found that Diamond got him over the ground very well. The trip was one of several miles and the gentleman paid him three shillings for the drive. When Diamond got back, he stopped at a stand where he had never been before and got down to put on old Diamond’s nose-bag of oats. The men Women's Canvas In Camouflage shoes  there did not treat him very nicely and a group of rough boys came up and began to torment him. But who do you think came to his rescue? Why, the drunken cabman whose room was next to Diamond’s and whose baby Diamond had once rocked and put to sleep.

What is up here? the cabman asked.

Do you see this young snip? the boys cried, He pretends to drive a cab!

Yes, I do see him, said the cabman. I see you, too. You’d better take yourselves away from here or you won’t find me very agreeable!

And they went in a hurry!

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