thanking God that Ursel was

  "This may be a job for UGG Boots Clearance the military," Captain Altmark responded. "We know nothing at the moment. I can see an automobile and a truck. Nothing else. No gardeners out. Nothing. But I can only see two walls, and nothing behind the main house. I will get a perimeter set up as soon as additional units arrive."
  "Ja. Make certain that no one can see us," the commissioner told the captain, quite unnecessarily.
  "Yes, of course."
  Inside, Ostermann had MBT Shoes yet to rise from his chair. He took a moment to close his eyes, thanking God that Ursel was in London at, the moment, having flown there in the private jet to do some shopping and meet with English friends. He'd hoped to join her there the following day, and now he wondered if he'd ever see his fiancée again. Twice he'd been approached by security consultants, an Austrian and a Brit. Both had lectured him on the implicit dangers of being UGG Boots Clearance so publicly rich, and told him how for a modest sum, less than £500,W0 per year, he could greatly improve his personal security. The Britisher had explained that his people were all veterans of the SAS; the Austrian had employed Germans formerly of GSG-9. But he hadn't seen the need for employing gun-carrying commandos who would hover over him everywhere he went as though he were a -chief of state, taking up space and just sitting there like-like bodyguards, Ostermann told himself. UGG Boots Clearance As a trader in stocks, commodities, and international currencies he'd had his share of missed opportunities, but this one . . .
 "What do you want of me?"
  "We want your personal access codes to the international trading network," Furchtner told him. Hans was surprised to see the look of puzzlement on Ostermann's face.
  "What do you mean?"
  "The computer-access codes which tell you what is going on."
  "But those are Nike High Heels public already. Anyone can have them," Ostermann objected.
  "Yes, certainly they are. That is why everyone has a house like this one." Petra managed an amused sneer.
  "Herr Ostermann," Ffrchtner said patiently. "We know there is a special network for people such as you, so that you can take advantage of special market conditions and profit by them. You think us fools?"

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