Two killed in shooting near Texas university

The incident locations around the residential areas spread to Texas A & M campus a few blocks Fidelity Road, 200.
The University issued the "Code" brown "warning, 12:29 (1729 GMT) local time students, and 15 minutes later, the gunman was arrested. It urged students to continue to avoid the region. "
Events after the two recent mass shootings - a crowded movie theater in the state of Colorado, in the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin - less than three Chanel Flap Bags weeks apart, re-ignited the debate on the lax U.S. gun laws.
McCollum said that another man was shot and killed a woman was injured, is currently in surgery. A police officer was shot in the leg and taken to hospital, and the other two suffered non-life-threatening injuries. "
McCollum said, rushed to the scene to provide reinforcement and combat gunmen fired the first shot, and finally to his injuries, taking Chanel Wallets into account his custody.
Situation like this is very confusing, we have a lot of information, we have more than one crime scene, we ask the public to be patient, because we want to know the reasons for this tragedy, "he told reporters.
The gunman apparently opened fire on police, the chanel bags online shop campus, resulting in the house a few blocks away, he called for backup, McCollum said, to join the initial shot cause is not known.
Assistant Police Chief Scott McCollum said the shooting lasted nearly a Texas A & M University, which has nearly 50,000 students at the University station where three policemen and a female civilians were injured.
WASHINGTON: A policeman and another man was shot dead before police shot the suspect and detained his death Monday near a major U.S. University, local police said.

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