Kid’s North Face Denali Jackets in exhaled sound

 group fighting started, time chime arrow sound, people shout and wolves howling continue to spread the 178th chapter wolf wolves fighting with someone still is continueing, snow everywhere is red blood, belonging to the wolf, belonging to the horses, but also belongs to the Ming army soldier.
Under the more than hundred cavalry most to have been hurt, they cross the horse into wolves food, there are five or six people died in the wolf’s teeth and claws,Kid’s North Face Denali Jackets, and the loss is bigger, more than 50 wolf was his soldiers with a knife blade or with an arrow died of throat.
It finally makes the WOLVES WOLF burst of anger, in which the sound of howling, all wolves towards the Ming army sergeant, constantly wolf leaped forward to bite them.At this point they and the wolves after a fierce battle, temporarily repelled the wolves got the message space.
The sergeant into panting, than the feeling and gold army war more difficult.To know and the Jin army battle they can also fight each other morale to advantage to win, but these wolves are not subject to the fundamental of these effects, their every attack is press forward with indomitable will, and physically they are better than many, after a long battle, they are still full of vigor and vitality,Men’s North Face Gore Tex, and the soldiers are very difficult.
The wolves also seem to find this point, so the soldiers retreat after being forced, soon they once again rushed up, called toward the soldiers.Sima Junyi is the officers and men of the people of up to now has not changed, see wolves again rushed up he shout then also greeted, long axe hands together and fall, will be leading a wolf to cut into two parts.
But the move did not deter wolves, but inspire their ferocious, in the wolf’s body was born, there are three wolf jumped up, straight Sima Jun Yi throat to harm bite, and two wolves into and come, upon his lower body.
Good Sima Jun Yi, while facing the five wolves while attack did not panic, in exhaled sound, a sound after drinking, his hands heavy long axe sprang into dancing.Zhang Xu Long axe a dance as a shield block all access to his body orientation, take a few sound, the five wolf was he was beaten out.
But only by this blow is hurt wolf, they rolled over, and once again stood up, and the other wolves once rushed up.Other soldiers would see Sima Jun Yi fight a lone battle, at the back of the wolf rushed up, they also wield a sword forward, for blocking from the side to the wolves attack.
Snigger. A few sound came out, and several wolves because dodge and his soldiers open.The wolves but had to back up again, brewing next attack.At the same time in the side of the situation also is very adverse, though they face a wolf numbers less than fifty, but they are also far less than the number of them, but their most vital that fires and before out, that more than 50 wolf did not see himself afraid of fire, forward speed is faster, but the Mongols had a deal with prairie wolves attacking methods, but would have been the fifty big bad wolf torn to pieces.