They're Fat

     maintenaance worker, all alone, making like an airplane. But the UGG Boots Clearance running boy is inside every man, no matter how old he gets.
     AND THEN EDDIE stopped running. He heard something. A voice, tinny, as if coming through a megaphone.
     How about him, ladies and gentlemen? Have you ever seen such a horrible sight? . . ."
     Eddie was standing by an empty ticket kiosk in front of a large theater. The sign above read
     The World's most Curious Citizens.
     Ruby pier's Sideshow!
     Holy UGGS Clearance Smoke! They're Fat! They're Skinny!
     See the Wild Man!
     The sideshow. The freak house. The ballyhoo hall. Eddie recalled them shutting this down at least 50 years ago, about the time television became popular and people didn't need sideshows to tickle their imagination.
     "Look well upon this savage, born into a most peculiar handicap . . ."
     Eddie peered into the entrance. He had encountered some odd people here. There was UGG Boots Clearance Jolly Jane, who weighed over 500 pounds and needed two men to push her up the stairs. There were conjoined twin sisters, who shared a spine and played musical instruments. There were men who swallowed swords, women with beards, and a pair of Indian brothers whose skin went rubbery from being stretched and soaked in oils, until it hung in bunches from their limbs.
     Eddie, as a child, UGG boots clearance had felt sorry for the sideshow cast. They were forced to sit in booths or on stages, sometimes behind bars, as patrons walked past them, leering and pointing. A barker would ballyhoo the oddity, and it was a barker's voice that Eddie heard now.
     "Only a terrible twist of fate could leave a man in such a pitiful condition! From the farthest corner of the world, we have UGG Boots Discount brought him for your examination—"
     Eddie entered the darkened hall. The voice grew louder.
     "This tragic soul has endured a perversion of nature—"
     It was coming from the other side of a stage.
     "Only here, at the World's Most Curious Citizens, can you draw this near. . . ."
     Eddie pulled aside the curtain.
     "Feast your eyes upon the most unus— "