ign interest and clap

     Then he was under water.
     Then everything was silent.
     Where is my Jordan Heels worry?
     Where is my pain?
     Today Is Eddie's Birthday
     He is five years old. It is a Sunday afternoon at Ruby Pier. Picnic tables are set along the boardwalk, which overlooks the long white beach. There is a vanilla cake with blue wax candles. There is a bowl of orange juice. The pier workers are milling about, the barkers, the sideshow acts, the animal trainers, some men from the fishery. Eddie's father, Nike Heels as usual, is in a card game. Eddie plays at his feet. His older brother, Joe, is doing push-ups in front of a group of elderly women, who feign interest and clap politely.
     Eddie is wearing his birthday gift, a red cowboy hat and a toy holster. He gets up and runs from one group to the next, pulling out the toy gun and going, "Bang, bang!"
     "C'mere boy," Mickey Shea UGG Boots Clearance beckons from a bench.
     "Bang, bang," goesEddie.
     Mickey Shea works with Eddie's dad, fixing the rides. He is fat and wears suspenders and is always singing Irish songs. To Eddie, he smells funny, like cough medicine.
     "C'mere. Lemme do your birthday bumps," he says. "Like we do in Ireland."
     Suddenly, Mickey's large hands are under Eddie's he is hoisted up, then flipped over and dangled by the feet. Eddie's hat falls off.
     "Careful, Mickey!" UGG Boots Clearance Eddie's mother yells. Eddie s father looks up, smirks, then returns to his card game.
     "Ho, ho. I got 'im," Mickey says. "Now. One birthday bump for every year."
     Mickey lowers Eddie gently, until his head brushes the floor.
     Mickey lifts Eddie back up. The others join in, laughing. They yell, "Two! . . . Three!"
     Upside down, Eddie is not sure who is who. His head is getting heavy.
     "Four! . . ." UGGS Clearance they shout. "Five!"
     Eddie is flipped right-side up and put down. Everybody claps. Eddie reaches for his hat, then stumbles over. He gets up, wobbles to Mickey Shea, and punches him in the arm.
     "Ho-ho! What was that for, little man?" Mickey says. Everyone laughs. Eddie turns and runs away, three steps, before being swept into his mothers arms.