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 can really listen to them. The scanty, the Jinyiwei although sometimes is very fierce, but the real Sergeant than they are with a difference.Gu Bingqian’s heart to this also has some concerns, but didn’t like them so pessimistic, see some changed color, sidewalk actually father-in-law now can be assured, but two months he again Wang Huazhen.
Could not be received for the Liaodong soldiers.But the emperor on public trust and, unless he wanted to fight the crisis, what would otherwise difficult Nai father-in-law.Only if this person really big,Mens North Face Triclimate Jackets, for us it is a bad thing, must take the advantage of his fledgling when to lay hands on him.
Also, Gu adults say it is most remembered, and that a man, if he is still in Liaodong, that Wang Huazhen is not out of our hands.If he really does have a bad attempt it, he can also be pre-emptive.You say that it is not the day to deal with the Donglin Party and pieces can be used to check now instead of Wang Huazhen, it is a good thing.
Also up in Liaodong, he also had a period of time, this paper also has his signature, it seems we will have to take with him, taking the advantage of the victory to promote him.In order to continue to work for them, is willing to take to promote his, but it was full of nothing.
Prior to the transfer to Liaodong just because he won the trust, for fear of what hinders, now do not want to but let him take the head, which have in the heart praise the good luck.With this conclusion, the eunuch party let people to join.
The two win a wipe out the invaders five thousand, a kill thousands while also retook the city of Jinzhou, is really long no victory, so the emperor looked at these bombs chapter when the heart is not confused, our Mr.
Sun what is it right? As others say. But because a party that act with undue haste, so the strength is not too big, in two, then did not have sound, apocalypse also came with a silent, only those bombs chapter left, and not intervene.
But it still reached the ears, listening to it after he did not know what it’s like.From a Ming vassal’s perspective, this can be taken off Jinzhou, and killed so many female life is happy,, but that it was a party to use, he felt very uncomfortable.
Now I no longer goes, only stay in the capital, but know oneself to Yan party all deterrence or, if even their own was demoted back to the words, the no one can judge a party.So in order to make this group of rebellion scruples, once again chose to remain silent, but the others insult.
Although Wang Huazhen wants to take against the idea was not reached, but another of his purpose is reached, the court in a few later issued a decree, greatly praised Liaodong’s soldiers a, then is the original Wang Huazhen filled in for the Liaodong ‘position to determine the next to.
It is also the consolations of something is better than nothing.Look at his hilarious way, the heart is filled with contempt, that this can be the court awards, is on the front of the soldiers fight a bloody battle, he even give advice and suggestions are not done, not to mention the troops at the.