Reproduced from Media Source: Sina Sports--Jose mourinho: the world didn't which team can than real Madrid

Sina sports - in the new season of the Spanish league,cheap soccer cleats jose
mourinho commander in chief of the real Madrid (micro Po) start adverse, have
backward Barcelona (micro Po) 8 points, but madman think, at the time of one
ground gain and loss does not change the real Madrid as the world's greatest the
club's position, he said no team can equate with real Madrid. "Real Madrid is
real Madrid, this is all wool and a yard wide," mourinho said. "a not because
any result, any cup, any coach, any player and change the club." "Real Madrid is
a special club, any other club in the world can't compare with real Madrid.
Other places no team can compared with real Madrid, have no." "Don't forget me
in Portugal, premiership and serie a are coached, and then came to Madrid, so I
know what he's talking about. And some other great club, but in real Madrid
here, the pressure and expectations are the largest. "Huge pressure, but it is
an enjoyable experience, not a mad." On Tuesday, real Madrid will be at home in
the champions league game with the premiership champions Manchester city, the
latter because these two years of huge investment and quickly become an
important force in European football, cheap nike soccer cleats
but jose mourinho once again raise the foundation said. "There are some things
money can't buy, trophy and history."

When it comes to the new season
real Madrid in the champions league goals, jose mourinho natural hoping for a
championship. "A lot of top of the coach and the club have never won the
champions league titles, so I can get two, real Madrid can record nine times to
win, we all should say thank god." "If in this season, I can get the third time,
real Madrid to win the first ten times, then will be amazing. We will smile to
accept the result. But so we have no pressure,'s champions league and not what's
going to be." When it comes to the next opponents Manchester city, cheap adidas soccer
mourinho said: "this is a are created for the champions league
team, this is their goal." "Before I went to see the Manchester city and queens
park rangers game, because I want to let their work as far as possible perfect,
I to the scene to analyze opponents, not just by watching videos or data,
because I want to get first-hand thing. Yes, a field and queens park rangers
game won't give a at the bernabeu match any hints, but can see Manchester city
team some ways or good." Jose mourinho has special talked about the city's two
players, carlos tevez and the ballot. "What I do know is, Manchester city have
very good players, is a strong team."

"I don't want to talk about the
other team person, wholesale
soccer cleats
but if we have a lot of respect for tevez, do not have
what problem. I also know Mario - the ballot, know that he is a what kind of
player because we get along in the inter after two years, therefore ballot the
affirmation don't need to prove anything to me." Another is not mourinho
mentioned, but against Manchester city crucial player is aguero, sources said,
Argentina striker may at the bernabeu in the battle of play. Aguero previously
due to a knee injury and is thought to have long absence, adidas
predator lz
but he recovery in good condition, it is possible to catch
up with the war. Mancini said: "aguero and together we went to the road, stoke
city on the first three days, he has been training with the team, the stoke city
we don't want to let him adventure, but for real Madrid he might be ready."
"Aguero will start? I don't know. In the stoke city later, he will be and the
team training two days, so I think he will have a chance."