Could I speak with them

  -no, Erwin Ostermann realized, they did Jordan Heels not. They didn't know, and they didn't care. Worst of all, what they thought they did know wasn't true, and he would be hard pressed indeed to persuade them otherwise.
  Then, finally, a phone rang. The woman gestured for him to answer it.
  "Hier ist Ostermann, " he said on picking up the receiver. His male visitor did the same on another extension. "Herr Ostermann, I am Captain Wilhelm Altmark of the Staatspolizei. You have guests there, I understand."
  UGG boots clearance "Yes, I do, Captain," Ostermann replied.
  "Could I speak with them, please?" Ostermann merely looked at Hans Furchtner.
  "You took your time, Altmark," Hans said. "Tell me, how did you find out?"
  "I will not ask you about your secrets if you do not ask me about mine," the captain: replied coolly. "I would like to know who you are and what you wish."
  "I am Commander Wolfgang of the Red Workers' Faction."
  UGG Boots Clearance "And what is it you want?"
  "We want the release of several of our friends from various prisons, and transport to Schwechat International. We require an airliner with a range of more than five thousand kilometers and an international flight crew for a destination which we will make known when we board the aircraft. If we do not have these things by midnight, we will begin to kill some of our . . . our guests here in Schloss Ostermann. "'
  "I MBT Shoes see. Do you have a list of the prisoners whose release you require?"
  Hans put one hand over the receiver and held the other out. "Petra, the list." She walked over and handed it to him. Neither seriously expected any cooperation on this. issue, but it was part of the game, and the rules had to be followed. They'd decided on the way in that they'd have to kill one hostage certainly, more probably two, before they got the ride to the airport. The man, UGG Boots Clearance Gerhardt Dengler, would be killed first, Hans thought, then one of the women secretaries. Neither he nor Petra really wanted to kill any of the domestic, help, they were genuine workers, not capitalist lackeys like the office staff: "Yes, here is the list, Captain Altmark . . ."
  "Okay," Price said, "we ha e a list of people we're expected to liberate for our friends." He turned the computer so that Chavez could see it

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