Purity HD On-Ear Headphones by Monster Review

Monster and Nokia have joined forces to build the world’s very first
pair of Windows Phone Headphones. The Monster Purity HD On-Ear
headphones are a beautifully crafted pair of headphones, that for
once, are not iPhone/iOS compatible Headphones Outlet Store.

The Nokia Purity HD On-Ear Headphones have a very chic new age look
to them, without sacrificing practicality, comfort, or quality. The
Purity HDs sport the ever-so-popular tri-folding feature for easy
portability along with Monster’s dedication to design and quality.
Nokia obviously played a big part in collaborating on the design of
the Purity HDs, since it is marketed to compliment the Lumia 900
Windows Phone, which just happens to be one of the most unique, and
arguably one of the most beautiful, smartphones on the market. Monster Lebron James Beats Headphone On Sale The Purity HDs are even available in matching colors: black, white, cyan, and fuchsia.

The Monster Purity HDs are collapsible On-Ear headphones with
smoothed rectangular earcups. They have a low profile design that gives
them a trendy and unique appearance. While these swiveling ear cups
are narrow, they’re wide enough to cover large ears comfortably. The
narrowness actually helps the ear cups form a good seal around ears,
aiding in noise isolation. New Monster Beats 2012 On Sale
The headband is padded on the underside with rubber so soft that it
feels like silk. The leather ear cups are also extremely soft. The
outside band is high-gloss scratch resistant plastic, which
unfortunately is quick to show grease and prints on the black model.

The Purity HD headphones are, arguably, much cooler looking (and
definitely more original) than alot of other headphones out on the
market. The Purity HDs are much better all-around headphones which
sound great with any genre. Cheap Monster Beats Butterfly Headphones
The bass isn’t overwhelming, but it’s still strong and punchy. The
mid-range audio is very clear and rich, defining voices very well. The
highs are detailed and responsive. The audio is balanced, and
impartial. The Purity is even kind to lower bit rate music (128kb).
Even though they’re not specifically tuned for rap and hard rock, both
sound fantastic, as does classical, acoustic, and electronic music.

Overall, Monster and Nokia’s Purity HD On-Ear Headphones for Windows
Phones are a fantastic pair of headphones that look as amazing as they
sound.Monster Beats by Dr Dre Solo Headphones Outlet
While lack of iOS/iPhone compatibility is a drawback, it’s nothing
an inexpensive cable can’t solve. The Purity HDs by Monster and Nokia
are great everyday headphones, they’re small light, collapsible,
comfortable, unbiased, and sound awesome.

More information please click here: http://www.headphoners.com

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