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“small bridge over the flowing stream families”, sits looked that flowered Cayenne wells up, bends down the tin of running water cicada cries. Own mountain water affinity own nature, the joy heart gladdens the heart the joyful bosom, broad-minded comfortableoakley sunglasses cheap, beauty and one. Actually, I must achieve this point not to be difficult, cannot only be selfish in the human difficultly is living for oneself. The responsibility was inviolable, the society and family responsibility were doomed you not to be so unique. Therefore, the mind only then waited for that waits for, the afterheat clears, two temples are motley, strolls with the spouse connecting rod in “small bridge over the flowing stream families”, that definitely also abundantly had the mood of achieving wishes.When the last bird when the resident my window goes against flies away, I have not yearned, is only indifferent gazing, should walk after must walk, many attachments, but is making senseless intertwining, like departure of leaf, I thinks that isoakley cheap sunglasses not the pursue of wind, is not the tree does not detain, but is the fate of leaf. Only I need to do is the aftermath of cleaning up leaves behind, gently deletes the bird to keep the contamination on glass with the cleaning rag, careful cleaning up it builds dry that the trough holds in the mouth falls, silently completes all these, looks at the glass again is that pure, the outdoor scene embraces the pleasant bottom, the orchid on window does not know when grew several tender leaves, seems like such freshness. Drizzle silent is getting down, yellow leaf falling gently gently.oakley gascan Yellow leaf tight post that sprinks in moist ground, seems like very intimate appearance. But I thought that its heart already injured thoroughly, does not know when broken becomes a piece of piece. The grass of roadside withered. Did not have the past vitality again, the curl falls on the ground, presented the ruined appearance. How long, they will have buried the fresh soil, with season together samsara. The chrysanthemum of Sister Liu family backyard sets the appearance that disdains, in continuous drizzle still bright is blooming,