air being neat bang straight hair

Welcoming the next season and festivals, you should chage yourself totally. Let's see what can we learn from the Japanese magazine for hair styles:Hair one: lively ponytail.Since the summer is ending, and we should take the opportunity to seize the tail of the summer!Why not to create an image for yourself just as the model magazine as fresh and lively look!This youthful hair is the most simple and the most wild, and only if your hair long enough to collect them in back of the head.This style is suitable for oval face.Fresh index: five starsHair two: air being neat bang straight hair.This hair style had been popular for many years but it has its unique charm lies in its emphasis on neat bang. Who said neat bang must be uniform peering hair resting on the forehead?To avoid this rigid sense, we can divide the original into two straight bangs.The new CHI Turbo, The chi flat
, The mini CHI and the wet to dry CHI. All these models have different
sizes as well as heating temperatures.There are some features which are common
in all models of CHI flat irons. All of these models come with a 10 feet long
cord which can move around at 360 degrees so that you can style hair at the back
of your head as well. All of these models require at least one minute to heat
up. They utilize ceramic plates which ensure that the heat is even at every
point resulting in even styling. All of these chi flat Iron official website
models require 25 watts of power at the most.As already stated, all the models
have different sizes so you must select the one that is more suitable for your
hair type. If you have thick and long hair then it is better that you get the
model with 1 inch or 2 inch size. On the other hand if you have thin or short
hair then 1/2 inch or 1 inch will be good enough for you.So if you plan to buy
CHI flat iron, you can look in your nearest super market or you can even shop
online. You will have to do a little research to find the best deal from the
nearest point of shopping. Have fun styling your hair with CHI Guitar
Red Flat Iron
!Then brushed it by hand will become uniform after the chaos straight hair gently, you can easily create a sense of air, so that you have not from the current flowing hair ! If your face is oval or longshaped then this style is just for you.Fresh index: five starsHair three: oblique bang within the curly hair.Many young ladies are fond of this style. Because it successfully created a sweet and graceful and with a bookish intellectual temperament.In volume and soft hair like a willow surrounded by beautiful face, it shows the classical Chinese style.However, the effect of this involution need a lot of effort spent, if your hair is not natural curl, then you need to get up early every morning to 5 minutes with a hair dryer blown inside it was over.This style is specially for oval face and diamond face.If your face is just as the either why not to try them on?Fresh index: four starsHair four: Retro BOB head.BOB first had been a symbol of the lovely hair, but just slightly modified it, we can achieve a cool effect.To make a cool effect, do not follow the BOB from the fringe to the tail head are moving along a horizontal principle.From the fringe can be trimmed Department uneven.If a coloring, the improvement of handsome BOB first appears.