you indulge enough time to jazz it up

In 2009 old hairstyles are coming back as we can see in the fashion shows. Long hairs are always in vogue. Celebrity hair style trends reveal long hair with uneven layers or curls that ensure more stylish modern look. Long hair has an added advantage of experimenting with different hair styling. With long straight hairs you can get the tresses of Lindsey Lohan or wear long locks to flatter your face just like Hayden Panettiere. If you are open to experiment then get inspired by the waves of Jennifer Garner, the ’CIA’ agent. It is better to download some celebrity hair style photos to convey your hair dresser exactly what you want. If you have the complexion to go blonde try Jennifer Aniston hairstyles. Whether you have round or oval face layers are suitable for everyone. Imagine yourself in Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ hair cut. In 2009 the trend is the multi mix of golden brown rather than pure blond. If you already have blond hair then use highlight with tints of golden brown. Jessica Simpson hairstyles are also quite poplar among youngsters.The new CHI Turbo, The chi flat
, The mini CHI and the wet to dry CHI. All these models have different
sizes as well as heating temperatures.There are some features which are common
in all models of CHI flat irons. All of these models come with a 10 feet long
cord which can move around at 360 degrees so that you can style hair at the back
of your head as well. All of these models require at least one minute to heat
up. They utilize ceramic plates which ensure that the heat is even at every
point resulting in even styling. All of these chi flat Iron official website
models require 25 watts of power at the most.As already stated, all the models
have different sizes so you must select the one that is more suitable for your
hair type. If you have thick and long hair then it is better that you get the
model with 1 inch or 2 inch size. On the other hand if you have thin or short
hair then 1/2 inch or 1 inch will be good enough for you.So if you plan to buy
CHI flat iron, you can look in your nearest super market or you can even shop
online. You will have to do a little research to find the best deal from the
nearest point of shopping. Have fun styling your hair with CHI Guitar
Red Flat Iron
! With her golden tresses this blond babe rocks the entertainment world. Long hair looks good as long as you indulge enough time to jazz it up. But if you are a working woman and have little time for hairdos then short hair is preferable. New age hair stylists are innovative enough to present you wide range of short hairstyle ideas that will make your hair easily manageable from the pollution and heat outside and can make you look younger at the same time.  Think about short hairstyles you instantly come up with bob hairstyle. Sometimes radically short hairstyles can send you to three to four months’ hide out if it does not match the shape of your face. Bobbed hair still rocks even in 2009. Versatility comes with bob. Straight or curly, blond or black, dense or thin whatever your hair type is there is a bob cut for everyone. First flaunted by Lousie Brooks in the 1920s bob still has managed to stay on top of popular hairstyles list. With bob you can wear the edgy look of Natalie Portman. Cropped bob of Katie Holmes is also a big hit. So, go ahead with short cuts and sport the confident look of modern women.